Building with ICFs

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Whole Building ICF

Whole Building Construction

ICF’s are not just for foundations. Many of our whole building projects use ICFs for all the exterior wall construction, both above ground and below. Reinforced concrete is one of the strongest building products available.

Coupled with the EPS foam insulation, it is also one of the most energy-efficient. ICF Construction is in line with the cost of traditional construction. ICFs are used to build small and large homes, schools, churches, and other commercial buildings.

Advantages of ICF Construction 

High-Performance Building Envelope

With the thermal mass of the concrete and the high insulating properties of the EPS foam, your ICF home can reduce heating and cooling costs by over 50% compared to conventional construction.

ICFs provide energy-efficiency in the three categories of thermal transfer:

  • Conduction (R-Value) – With 5” of EPS, this gives walls a high R-Value of 22.
  • Convection (air infiltration) – With a monolithic concrete wall, air infiltration is dramatically reduced from a stick frame/fiberglass insulated wall.
  • Radiation (thermal mass) – The thermal mass of the concrete in the wall will help maintain a consistent temperature of the structure and help to alleviate temperature fluctuations, improving structure energy efficiency.

All the above categories work together to achieve an “effective R” of around a 45 in our Maine climate for the whole structure. What this means, is that a traditional stick-built home would have to be insulated to an R-45 to achieve the same energy-efficiency as an ICF structure. This makes ICF costs comparable to traditional building methods with better results.

Safer, Longer Lasting Structure

ICF structures will stand the test of time. The EPS foam will not break down over time, which provides the whole building with consistent insulation protection for the life of the structure. ICF structures can withstand fire for up to four hours, winds up to 200+ MPH, and seismic activity.

Insects, such as ants, are not attracted to the foam as a food source. There is no food value in the foam. With the foam properly covered, there are not any access points for insects or ants.

Eco – Friendly & Healthy Living 

  • ICF contains 50%+ by weight of recycled content.
  • Reversible forms lead to reduced construction waste and it’s 100% recyclable.
  • ICF structures are sustainable and require less energy so the life cycle cost of the structure is less than traditional construction.
  • No CFCs, HCFCs are used during production.
  • No formaldehyde is generated.
  • There is no off-gassing from forms. 
  • Mold, mildew, and dust particles are blocked, creating cleaner indoor air.

Quiet & Peaceful Home

  • ICF construction cuts sound transmission by 75% over standard construction practices leaving the structure quiet and comfortable.

Design Flexibility

  • ICF construction allows for almost any home design. Curved walls and corners as well as various wall heights are achievable with ICF construction.
  • With furring strips every 6″, there is plenty of attachment points for any type of interior or exterior coverings.


  • For about the cost of granite countertops, you can have an ICF home that will save you money month after month, year after year, with reductions in utility bills and reduced maintenance.